As usual Azizi Search engine, give you the possibility to manage each piece in your search engine. This article will cover how to generate your own Google CSE keys, and how to integrate it with google adsense to monetize your results.

How to generate new CSE key:

  • login to your Adsense account.
  • click on "My ads" link on top menu.
  • click "search" in the left menu.
  • click "Custom search Engine".
  • click "New custom search engine".
  • enter the name of your CSE (not important).
  • in what to search if you want to make it search all sites across the web choose "The entire web", if you want to make it search specific websites choose "Only sites I select" then enter the websites.
  • all other options not important because you can contorl it from Azizi Search Engine control panel.
  • Click the "save and get code" to get your CSE code.
  • your code is like:
  • how to install Azizi search engine


In general the CSE key is generated like (adsense Publisher ID:Custom search id).

You can set "what to search" to search all sites across the web or just specific websites that you list. if you choose just specific websites don't use this key for default type "Web".

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