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What is Azizi Search Engine?

Azizi Search Engine Script is the best tool that allow you to create you customized search engine based on APIs (meta search engine) or on your own spider (crawler). Azizi search engine script also provide you a very powerful easy to use control panel, to customize you search engine and control it without need any known of codes.

Is it easy to install the script?

Can I use the script as an add on to my web site?

Yes. With the single domain license we provide along the script, you can use the script in any one domain either as a complete search engine service or as an add on to an existing site. please note: Your license is not transferable.

I have more questions to ask before I buy the script. What should I do?

Your questions are very welcome. We appreciate your interest and suggestions. Please contact us any time ( Azizi search engine support team ). We'll get back to you very soon

Is the source code encrypted?

No, our source code is 100% unencrypted so you can make absolutely any changes you need. Additionally, the source code is very heavily commented with notes about what is happening throughout the code.

How easily can I customize Azizi search engine script PHP?

We've gone to great lengths to make Azizi search engine script PHP incredibly easy to work with and customize. The entire source code is unencrypted and very thoroughly commented with notes about what's happening throughout the PHP code. We also provide fully commented HTML templates for every single page of the Script, including global header/footer templates and an organized CSS stylesheet. remeber we are ready to help you custom your search engine as you want. just feel free to contact Azizi search engine support team.

Do I need to have separate hosting for the script?

No. You can use the script in any server that supports PHP and My SQL efficiently and normally, just make sure that the host is meet the Azizi search engine minimum requirements.