Azizi Search Engine lets you take full control of engines that you want to present in your site.

Manage Order

To manage the order of your engines, just click on "MANAGE ORDER" button, a new window will be shown, just adjust the new order of your engines by drag/drop it into new sort, then click on submit.

Set default engine

your search site will use default engine when the visitor not choose any search type.

click on "SET DEFAULT" then choose your default engine and click on "SUBMIT".

new enigne

with azizi search engine meta with google api, you can create unlimited engines based on any topic (e.g: sport, kids, wiki...).

click on "NEW ENGINE" then enter engine name, and engine key from google (Learn how to get a key from google custom search engine) then click on "CREATE NEW".

edit enigne

you can edit enigne name or api key, enable or disable it.

click on pencil icon on the row of the engine that you want to edit then edit engine name, and engine key and check or uncheck "active" then click on "SUBMIT" to save.

delete enigne

you can an engine by clicking on the trash icon on the row the engine you want to delete.

Please note that this action cannot be reversed so please pay careful attention with it.

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