A search engine is a web-based tool which allows the internet users to find information on the internet. Most commonly used search engines are Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing, Ask etc. Search engines are special types of programs used to search documents having specified keywords and returns a list of documents where the keywords are located. A search engine is usually a general collection of programs. However, the term ‘search engine’ is often used to generally describe the common systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search engines generally use automated software applications e.g robots or spiders which moves across the Web and follows the links from page to page, site to site. The information collected by these crawlers is used to create a searchable index of the Web.

How search engines works?

Any search engine used is based on several complex mathematical formulae used to generate the search results. The results obtained for the specific query are then displayed on the Search Engine Results Page. Search engine algorithms fetch the key elements from the web page which includes the page title, content and the keyword density. It then comes up with a ranking based on which the results are placed on the pages. Each and every search engine has its own unique algorithm. Hence a search result which has a top ranking on Yahoo does not guarantee a similar ranking on Google and vice versa. These search algorithms which are used by search engines are:

  • very closely guarded secrets
  • they also constantly undergo modification and revision.

what is Azizi search engine?

a software suite that allows creation of customizable online search engine without any codes knowledge or any big server resources. Inspired by the features of giant search engines. It’s not a copy of them, it has a lot more to offer you. It has a powerful administrator control section.

Azizi search engine make it easy?

Creating a search engine was never easy, But with Azizi Search Engine you can create your search engine in just minutes, it should fulfill your most requirements to start. some Highlights features:

  • deliver unmatched fast performance.
  • give very matched results to your customers.
  • Preloaded most popular engine types.
  • 100% Open Source & Customizable
  • Advanced, Easy to Use Control Panel.
  • Easily monetize your search engine.
  • Responsive design & Retina Devices Support.
  • & much more...

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