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Create a Google Clone Search Engine

Learn how to create, build, and make your own search engine like Google. Start earning money through advertisements.

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How to Create Your Own Search Engine Like Google

Learn how to create a powerful search engine similar to Google and start earning money.

1. Order Your Google Clone

Get started by ordering your own Google clone search engine.

Get started by ordering your own Google clone search engine.

2. Configuration Process

Get results from giants search engines

Configure and customize your search engine to match your needs. Choose from a variety of templates and add-ons. Personalize settings, including ads placement and design.

3. Start Earning Money

with Your Own Search Engine

Monetize your search engine by displaying targeted ads and generating revenue.

Google Clone Features

Explore the features included.
Azizi search engine script

Experience a Life-Changing Search Engine

  • No "Powered by" branding
  • Monetization options
  • Easy integration of Google AdSense for search
  • Advertise on your search engine
  • Preloaded with 6 popular search engine types
  • Add unlimited custom engines
  • Advanced and user-friendly Control Panel
  • 100% Open Source and Customizable
  • Unlimited Queries per day
  • Email support, tickets support, and Chat support
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Create Your Own Search Engine Like Google

Discover how Azizi Search Engine Lite can help you create a powerful search engine similar to Google. Experience the layout and functionality that your viewers might see, and customize it to suit your needs.

Build and Manage Your Search Engine

Explore Azizi Search Engine Lite's admin demo to gain access to the powerful administrative control panel. Configure, manage, and track every aspect of your search engine with ease.

Don't wait, buy your license now

  • Ultra Responsive Layouts
  • Retina Ready Designs
  • Easy & Advanced Admin Panel
  • Tons of Customization Options
  • Support unlimited langauges
  • No code skills needed
  • Easy monetizing of results and whole site.
  • 24x7 Priority Chat/Email/tickets Support
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Not enough features, You want us to customize the search engine for you or create new one with your specific needs.

  • You want spider/crawler?
  • Or you want meta search?
  • Or you want something new?
  • We can do all what you want.
  • Resonable costs
  • Clean codes
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FAQ - Google Clone

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Google Clone script

Q. What is Azizi google clone?

Azizi google clone search engine is a package that combines Azizi PHP search engine lite and Google theme plugin template. It's an exceptional tool that enables you to create your customized search engine similar to Google's custom search engine. With its powerful and user-friendly control panel, you can design and customize your search engine easily.

Q. How can I monetize this search engine?

There are several ways to monetize your search engine:

  1. Google AdSense for search: You can link your AdSense account to the search engine, and it will display ads relevant to the search queries. You can see an example Demo. These ads are shown above the organic search results and are marked as "ad". The earnings will be reflected in your AdSense account.
  2. Ad blocks: You have the flexibility to add various types of ad blocks, frames, images, banners, and AdSense ads anywhere on your search engine pages.
  3. Internal ads system: You can offer advertising opportunities on your search engine, allowing customers to display their ads when someone searches for related keywords. You can see an example Demo. These ads are shown above the organic search results and are labeled as "ad test: Your ad title".

These are just a few methods to monetize your search engine. The possibilities are limitless, and you can explore various strategies to generate more revenue from your search engine.

Q. Is the search quieries unlimited? why?

Yes, the search queries are unlimited. Azizi google clone search engine is based on Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), which can handle billions of queries without any limitations. There are no known instances of Google CSE being turned off due to query limits. Rest assured that the script can handle high volumes of traffic, and there are no restrictions on the number of queries your search engine can handle.

Q. Is it easy to install the script?

Installing the script is extremely easy. We have designed the installation process to be fast and straightforward. You can have the script up and running on your site in under a minute. If you prefer, we also offer free installation with your purchase. Alternatively, you can opt for Search Engine Cloud, where we host and install the script for you. This option ensures a hassle-free setup and allows you to start generating revenue from your search engine with just a few clicks. If you have any confusion or questions, feel free to contact our support team before making a purchase. We are here to assist you.

Q. Can I use the script as an add-on to my website?

Yes, with the single domain license provided with the script, you can use it on any one domain. You have the flexibility to use the script as a complete search engine service or as an add-on to an existing website. Please note that the license is not transferable.

Q. Is the source code encrypted?

No, the source code of our script is 100% unencrypted. You have complete access to the source code and can make any necessary changes. Additionally, the source code is extensively commented, providing clear explanations of what is happening throughout the code.

Q. How easily can I customize the PHP Search Engine Script?

We have made the customization of the Google Clone Script incredibly easy and user-friendly. The entire source code is unencrypted and extensively commented. Additionally, we provide fully commented HTML templates for every page, including global header/footer templates and a well-organized CSS stylesheet. If you require further assistance, our support team is ready to help you customize your search engine as per your requirements.

Q. I have more questions to ask before I buy the script. What should I do?

Your questions are very welcome. We appreciate your interest and suggestions. Please contact us any time ( Azizi search engine script support team ). We'll get back to you very soon.