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Azizi meta search engine with google Api!

Azizi meta search engine with google api is the best tool to benefit from the the power of Google. manage/control results and represent it to your users with your brand.
Azizi search engines script php

Open Source & Customizable.

Complete control and 100% ownership.

Azizi search engine script PHP gives you a simple, unbranded search engine that you can customize in any way. You’ll have the freedom to maintain fine-grained control over all aspects of your site and content, and add any feature, with Our PHP source code that has no encryption.

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Azizi search engine script: We know you want it!

Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. Azizi search engine script is a masterclass piece of work presented to you.
Azizi search engines script php - google cloneAzizi search engines script php - google cloneAzizi search engines script php - google clone
Azizi search engines script php

Google API for free

Google custom search is free and unlimited.

The power of google in your search engine for free, unlimited queries, no charges from google... read google custom search terms of service.

Integrate google Adsense

Very easy to monetize search results.

Azizi search engine let you integrate google adsense for search with google api and monetizing results.

Azizi search engines script php
Azizi search engines script php

Extend with Addons

Need more features? No problem!

You can install any apps from our add-ons store start as small or large as you need to. Go full-featured now, or add on features as your search engine grows.

High Support

Support team has you covered

Active development, new updates each time, Up-to-date Knowledgebase in support center and We’re quick, friendly, and focused on keeping your site running smoothly. you will love our support.

Azizi search engines script php
Azizi search engines script php

Intelligent advertising

Monetize your search results your self.

your users can advertisa on your site, and their sites will be shown with results when it has the same query keyword.

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  • Ultra Responsive Layouts
  • Retina Ready Designs
  • Easy & Advanced Admin Panel
  • Tons of Customization Options
  • Support unlimited langauges
  • No code skills needed
  • Easy monetizing of results and whole site.
  • 24x7 Priority Chat/Email/tickets Support
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Customizable and Flexible.

Pick out features when you need them.

Azizi search engine PHP’s plugin design allows you to start as small or large as you need to. Go full-featured now, or add on features as your search engine grows.

Get development services for custom projects.

Give us your project details and we'll bring it to live with our very powerfull developers team.

Fully unencrypted source code.

You'll have the complete PHP source code to play with, making it possible to add or integrate your custom features.


Azizi search engine PHP is hosted on your own server where you have complete control over your search engine. Need technical help? We can install it for you.

No “powered-by” branding.

Azizi search engine script PHP helps you build a search engine that's unique to you, with absolutely no "powered by" links or "Azizi search engine script PHP" branding presented to your members.

Unlimited custom engines

Easy managing and creating engines.
  • Preloaded with 10 popular engine based on popular themes.
  • Easy engine creation based on google api.
  • powerfull results provided by google api.
  • create new engine.
  • manage existing engine.
  • manage the order of engine.
  • delete engine.
  • Select default engine.

Multi-language support.

Supports both 'Left to Right' and 'Right to Left' languages.
  • add new language.
  • manage existing langauges phrases.
  • delete langauge.
  • Select default language.
  • seo friendly URLs with langauge prefix.
  • Choose to Accept-Language header or not.
  • Choose to hide default language prefix in URL or not.
  • you can turn on\off whether your visitors can change site language or not.

Internal ads system

The ads from this system are more expressive and better looking than banner ads/simple text ads, and are much more likely to receive user attention and clicks. They are similar to the ones seen on Google.
Your ads will be appeare when a customer type a keyword that match one of your keywords, or match any word in your title or description or URL of the ad.
Your ad will show next to the search results on the web, mobile phones and on any type of search web, images, videos, etc.
  • ads system allow your customers to Promote their business, interest, or anything you like.
  • allow your customers to create their custom ad for promotion of any site, page, app or any content.
  • the ads shown very close to the customers keywords.
  • the system include page to present it to your customers, and attend them to advertise on your site. watch advertisement demo
  • the customers can contact you to advertise on your search engine from a form included on the advertisement page.
  • Create campaigns with your own banners or use Google Adsense code (or any other advertising network's code).

admin control panel features

You can control every thing on your search engine, without touching the code source, just from Control panel.
  • you can turn on\off every feature.
  • with responsive templete you can controll your site from phone also.
  • and many other features =>Discover it yourself.

Best performance

Use the dual tone schemes or mix them according to your needs.

Azizi search engine includes tons of optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

the engines give very matched results to your customers.

Highlights features

here is some Highlights features.
  • you can select the default engine.
  • you can turn on\off results information.
  • you can turn on\off thumbnail images of results.
  • you can turn on\off Keywords suggestions.
  • you can turn on\off related Keywords appeare on results page.
  • you can turn on\off speach input.
  • you can turn on\off whether your visitors can change site language or not.

Managing logos.

Supports logos rotation & Images & text.
  • each engine have owen logos if you want.
  • add new Logo to all engines.
  • add new Logo to specific engine.
  • delete existing logo.
  • Logos will be rotate on specific time you can choose it.
  • Logos can be image or Text.