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Use of cookies policy

The azizisearch.com website (this "Site") is operated by AZIZI GLOBAL LTD., azizisearch.com ("we", "us", "our", "azizisearch", "azizi search"). uses ‘cookies’ to help us improve our services. Any person who uses this web site is in agreement with the cookies outlined in this policy. Cookies may be deactivated and restricted at any time, and this will not affect the effective running or your access and usage of the web site. Cookies are not used to collect any of your private data – this only occurs if you decide to provide such information.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are records that contain small quantities of information; these tiny files consist of numbers and letters and are stored on your computer or other smart devices where you have access to the Internet. Every time a person accesses a web site, the cookie remembers their activity and this information is downloaded to future identify users and track their actions online. The majority of web sites use cookies in order to recognise previous users when they return to a site and remember their activity for more efficient usage. Cookies are stored on devices until such time as they are deleted, or when they expire.

What is the purpose of cookies?

Cookies enhance user experience by improving web site communication and enabling users to have more access to web sites. Browsers use cookies for many different purposes, including:

  1. tracing the number of visitors to a web site and specific web pages
  2. retaining usernames and passwords
  3. saving addresses for billing and shipping purposes
  4. retaining credit and debit card details.
  5. saving log-in details and keeping users logged in to web sites.
  6. storing items in online shopping carts that have yet to be purchased.
  7. monitoring transactions.
  8. studying movements and user conduct.
  9. enhancing goods, services and transmissions.
  10. showing adverts that will interest the user e.g. cookies will remember previous online purchases and browser history of users’ favourite shops to advertise similar products.
  11. gauging the usefulness of adverts and web browsing
  12. augmenting web sites for easier navigation
  13. improving and promoting products and services

What cookies does AZIZI GLOBAL LTD. use?

Cookies enhance user experience by improving web site communication and enabling users to have more access to web sites. Browsers use cookies for many different purposes, including:

  1. The cookies that we use are defined by The International Chamber of Commerce (UK) as Performance Cookies. This type of cookie gathers nameless data about the way any guests to azizisearch.com use the web site. The cookies may involve, but are not limited to:
    • tracking the pages that are most commonly visited.
    • recording the quantity of consumers who click on internal links or those from third parties.
    • measuring how much time users spend on a page.
    • tracking the sales generated per page.
    • identifying which pages brought users to our Web site, if applicable.
  2. Our use of cookies is designed to track and improve our Web site’s overall performance and enhance the user experience for our visitors and customers through improved, personalised settings. All collected information is nameless and no person’s identity will be intercepted and stored by these cookies. For more information on the use of personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  3. Google Analytics cookies are used on this Web site. You can find out more about Google Analytics by reading the specified privacy policy here.

Do these cookies allow azizisearch.com to spy on users?

No, at all. Performance Cookies do not retain any private information that can recognise an individual user. These cookies are only used to monitor the activity of different users.

How do I remove or change these cookies?

Cookies can be removed from your Internet browser whenever you wish. Browsers can also be adjusted to suit your preferences, allowing you to activate or deactivate certain cookies routinely. There is also an option to be alerted each time your computer receives a cookie so that you can admit or refuse the cookies where appropriate. Please note:

  • deleted cookies may slow down your future admittance to our web sites as data will be lost.
  • rejected cookies may prevent you from accessing certain areas of the web site or hinder your access to interactive tools or facilities.

How to restrict cookies on your web browser?


  1. Click on the Safari menu tab.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select the Security tag.
  4. Beneath the Accept Cookies command, apply accept, reject, or selectively accept cookies.

Firefox 3.0+

  1. Select Tools in the menu option.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Privacy tag in the top tab.
  4. On the pull-down box, choose Use custom setting for history
  5. Un-tick the option that reads Accept Cookies from Sites
  6. Select OK and exit

Internet Explorer 7.0+

  1. Select Tools in the menu option
  2. Click the Options button
  3. Select the Privacy button on the top tab
  4. Select the Advanced button
  5. Click Prompt for the First-Party cookies as well as Third-Party Cookies
  6. Click OK and exit

Google Chrome 8.0+

  1. Select Tools Menu
  2. Click on Options
  3. Select the Under the Bonnet tab
  4. Select Cookie Setting tab and check the Block all third-party cookies without exception option
  5. Exit

You can read more about cookies by visiting www.aboutcookies.org.

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