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Google theme


Let your visitors enjoy the Google look and feel of familiarity of the most popular search engine on the planet. This is a great compliment to the performance of Azizi Search Engine.

Beauty through simplicity. Make your search website awesome in minutes. Enjoy the responsive theme on all devices (desktops, tablets and mobile)


  • Clean and very close to google template
  • Very Simple of use
  • suggestions elegant view
  • Related keywords like in Google
  • search types tabs
  • similar google alerts
  • Swipe to Dismiss alerts
  • ads like on google
  • Colorful logo text (only if logo is text)
  • color changed on hover (only if logo is text)
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Google theme Google theme Google theme Google theme Google theme Google theme Google theme


Required item Version
Azizi Search Engine Lite 5.0.0 or Above