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Azizi search Engine Pro Features list

Here you will found a full list of features!
Core Features
100% open source
Can get results from Google API
Can get results from Bing API
Can get results from AziziSearch API
Can get results any other source
Fully unencrypted source code
Easy Customization
No “powered-by” branding
support third party plugins
related Keywords
Keyword Suggestion
Mobile Responsive Design
Home page keyword cloud tags to show top searches
search with speach input
10 Pre-Loaded Engines
Unlimited custom engines
Easy engine creation based on a theme
Manage engine order
Set default engine
powerfull results provided by google api
manage existing engine
delete engine
One Logo fo all engines OR each engine has own logo.
add new Logo to all engines.
add new Logo to specific engine.
delete existing logo.
you can make Logos rotate on specific time you can choose it.
Logos can be Image or Text.
Monetizing search engine
ads system allow your customers to Promote their business, interest, or anything they like.
allow your customers to create their custom ad for promotion of any site, page, app or any content.
the ads returned are very close to the search keywords.
page of ads show, to eplaine to youe visitors how to advertise with you.
the customers can contact you to advertise on your search engine from a form included on the advertisement page.
Create campaigns with your own banners or use Google Adsense code (or any other advertising network's code)...
you can add unlimited ads places on any place in your search engine.
Supports both 'Left to Right' and 'Right to Left' languages.
add new language
manage existing langauges phrases
delete langauge
Select default language
seo friendly URLs with langauge prefix
Choose to Accept-Language header or not
Choose to hide default language prefix in URL or not
you can turn on\off whether your visitors can change site language or not
control panel
you can turn on\off results information
you can turn on\off Keywords suggestions
you can turn on\off related Keywords
turn on\off search with speach input
Responsive templete you can controll your search engine from any device (e.g: tablet or phone...)
Customer Support
Chat Support
24x7 Email Support
Online help center and ticketing system
Step-by-step Documentations
Phone Support
Feature updates
Free lifetime updates *
What's next?
To discover more features yourself play Demo
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* Minor updates such as 4.1 to 4.2 are provided free of charge. These updates are released often - usually about once per month. Major updates such as 4.x to 5.x can be purchased for a small upgrade fee (usually between $10 US and $75 US) and include a massive amount of new functionality and improvements.