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Custom pages


let create custom pages to show your visitors your informations, terms, privacy, ideas or any thing you want...

when you are playing demo (this page => click on "play demo"), in the bottom you will find menu of custom pages.

when can put the menu of custom pages at any place.


  • support adding unlimited pages.
  • Add pages you need.
  • Manage pages content.
  • Remove pages you don't need.
  • Easy control panel
  • Help guide to install the plugin properly.
  • Support for free.
  • Installation plugin in your search engine by our team for free.

Plugin Info:
  • December 29, 2017
  • Azizi team
  • widget
  • 66
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Custom pages Custom pages Custom pages Custom pages Custom pages Custom pages


Required item Version
Azizi Search Engine Lite 5.0.0 or Above