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Search engine Chrome Extension


This chrome extensions lets your visitors to easily search on your engine directly from chrome. that's will be an extra value for you

you can customize the look & feel of the extension easily.


  • Set chrome browser start page to your search engine.
  • Set chrome home page of browser to your search engine.
  • Very easy to be customized
  • Very Simple of use
  • make it easy for your visitors to access your engine
  • customize logo
  • very easy to add to chrome store.
  • Set chrome browser new tab to your search engine.
  • Set chrome browser default search engine to your search engine.
  • source code included.
  • sent to chrome store included.
  • lifetime support included.
  • linking with your search engine.
  • "Get our add-one" will be added to your engine home page or where you want.
Plugin Info:
  • August 4, 2017
  • Azizi team
  • widget
  • 179
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Search engine Chrome Extension Search engine Chrome Extension Search engine Chrome Extension


Required item Version
Azizi Search Engine Lite 5.0.0 or Above